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Policy Committee

Members of the Policy Committee are set forth in the Ohio Revised Code 3734.54 (B) & (C). Current Appointments End November 1, 2023

Committee Chairperson- Kevin Bruin
Committee Vice- Chairperson- Linda Wuethrich


Allen County
Commissioner: Beth Seibert
City: Mike Caprella,
City of lima
Township: Kevin Cox, Harrod, Ohio
Health District: Brian Nartker
Public: Kevin Bruin, Lima, Ohio
Citizen: N
orman Grigsby, Lima, Ohio
Waste Generator: Rich Sutton,
Ford Motor, Lima Engine Plant


Champaign County
Commissioner: Tim Cassady
City: Kerry Brugger, City of Urbana
Township: Ed Funderburgh, Woodstock, Ohio
Health District: Andy Russell
Public: Susan Helterbran, Ca
ble, Ohio
Citizen: Larry Ferryman, Urbana, Ohio
Waste Generator: Mike Londo, 
Weidman Electrical Technology,

Hardin County
Commissioner: Roger Crowe
City: Cindy Murray, City of Kenton
Township: Daryl Flowers
Health District: Shane Lotts
Public: Linda Wuethrich, Kenton, Ohio

Citizen: Ryan Yoakum, Ada, Ohio
Waste Generator: Sarah Burnworth,
Graphic Packaging, Inc 


Madison County
Commissioner: Mark Forrest
City: Stan Kavy, City of London
Township: Levin Hutson, West Jefferson, Ohio
Health District: Jim Jordan
Public: Don Whitmer, Plain City, Ohio

Citizen: Don Herman, London, Ohio
Waste Generator: Adam Conley, Madison Correctional Institution

Shelby County
Commissioner: Bob Guillozet
City: Jon Crusey, City of Sidney
Township: Randy Bensman, Sidney, Ohio
Health District: Kent Topp, RS
Public: Dale Goubeaux, Anna, Ohio

Citizen: Merrill Asher, Sidney, Ohio
Waste Generator: David Strelow, P.E., Honda of America, Mfg, Inc


Union County
Commissioner: Dave Lawrence
City: Marc Dilsaver, City of Marysville
Township: Bruce Davis, Richwood, Ohio
Health District: Adam Schultz
Public: Dave Amerine, Marysville, Ohio

Citizen: Open
Waste Generator: Philip Jean,
Nestle Development Center


Member at Large
Chad Pickrell

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